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Tapered Gooseneck?

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Subject : Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-21 8:57 AM
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Why do some goosenecks taper to a more narrow dimension at the front? Any advantage? I would think that it would be nicer to keep the same width, especially if one is planning to build a weekender and wants to make storage space along side the mattress.

We are trailer shopping and new to goosenecks.

Thanks for the info!!
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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-21 10:11 AM
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The taper is mostly for those who have the short bed trucks. It gives a tighter turning radius, and you are able to jack knife easier without hitting the corner of your cab.

Some trailer companies also claim better fuel economy because of less wind resistance.

For a LQ, yes, wider is better. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-21 2:21 PM
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I have a 4 horse trailer and a quad cab pickup. I almost always have 4 people and 4 horses. The Quad cab pickup does have a shorter bed, therefore the tapered nose is right for us. I did have to make a custom mattress as the one side is shorter (the side against the gooseneck wall.) Since I am only 5'3", that is where I sleep. Yes, there would be more storage room in the nose if we had a square trailer, but I do not want to risk crunching the cab.
So, for me, in my situation, tapered nose is better.
You need to look at the size and shape of current and future trucks to decide what might be right for you.
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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-23 7:46 AM
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I have a tapered one since my truck is a short bed.  However, it does have storage cabinets in the nose, a queen mattress, and room alongside the mattress on both sides for additional storage, so it works well for me.  
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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-23 10:14 AM
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Our LQ has the wide square front, but we pull it with a flatbed dually, with a long (9') bed. It gives room for hubby (6'3") to sleep in queen size bed with closets and more.  We also have a tapered nose on our gooseneck stock trailer, as we pull it with both the 3/4 ton shortbed pick up as well as the dually.  Both styles suit a particular need in the market.
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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-23 2:48 PM
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Our Exiss has a tapered gooseneck area with a flat nose cap. Our Sidekick has a straight sided goose area with a "V" shaped nose cap. Both have frontal interior cabinetry and the same size mattress. The Exiss has a weekender LQ package, the Sidekick has a full LQ.

The Sidekick weighs considerably more than the Exiss, yet both result in an almost equal fuel mileage while being towed. The tapered frontal area must have a similar drag effect as a "V shaped front.

We have an 8' bed, so neither one has a turning interference issue.


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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-23 3:51 PM
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My first GN was a tapered model. Less drag and good clearence but a pain trying to move around in the bed area. Kinda cramped. Varies from mfg to mfg I guess. I suggest crawling up there on hands an knees and checking it out before you buy.
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Subject : RE: Tapered Gooseneck?
Posted : 2009-03-25 1:47 PM
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when you buy check it out first , look for a queen size mattress , and you want head room look for 7'6" tall that will help you when you are moving around .lots of trailers have a 74" bed length look for a 80". and you won't feal closed in . most tappered noses are 68" at the front . this will also help when you decide to sell you will not be limited to who has what truck .good hunting