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Camp & Trail
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Camp & Trail
Hi-Ties on horse trailer
 windy Last Activity 2016-07-24 7:18 AM
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Location: Minnesota

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Subject : Hi-Ties on horse trailer
Posted : 2009-01-26 5:57 AM
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After showing for most of my life I decided to take a break from it and concentrate on trail riding.

I've only been on one overnight trail ride, and they had a paddock for my horse and his buddy which worked out great.  When we were getting them tacked up we hooked them up to the picket line.

I'm going to be doing a lot of trail riding this year and was thinking of installing Hi-Ties on my horse trailer.  They look like a great idea.  I have a 3-horse gooseneck with a dressing room and will usually be hauling 2 horses, but occasionally 3.  I figured I could put 2 hi-ties on each side.  Buying 4 of them would probably still be cheaper than buying a portable corral.

Does anyone use those?  What are your experiences with them?  Here is a link that shows some different brands:

I'll probably have more newby trail riding questions later.


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Painted Horse

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Subject : RE: Hi-Ties on horse trailer
Posted : 2009-01-26 6:35 AM
Post #98237 - In reply to #98236

We just discussed this.

I don't use my HiTies too much for just an afternoon ride. I use mine when I stay over night.  I'm just too light a sleeper to have a horse tugging at his lead rope all night.

Right now Sportack has them on sale if you buy 2 or 4 in a single purchase.

[Edited by Painted Horse on 2009-01-26 6:37 AM]

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