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Moving horses (&cows) in Stock Trailers - Titan Challenger
 MrTruck, txdad, windy Last Activity 2016-07-31 1:52 AM
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Subject : RE: Moving horses (&cows) in Stock Trailers - Titan Challenger
Posted : 2009-07-10 8:58 AM
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Originally written by ozhorse on 2009-07-10 6:35 AM
 Some specific questions: Can I pull a 16 foot Titan Challenger stock trailer with a 1989 Ford F250 Petrol 5.8 liter (351 Clevland motor) C6 auto Dana diff? (assume max 3 horses of 14.2 hh)?

Yes, your truck can pull a three horse BP trailer. You will need to install an electric brake controller, and with a C-6, an auxiliary transmission oil cooler..

The importers said that in America people just tie the horse up in the stock trailer without partitions between them – really just like the cattle are moved. I don't think I like the idea of taking my cutting horse and turnback horse to shows up to two days drive away in the trailer with no partitions

Many companies build a stock/combo trailer. These are stock trailers that have an open floor plan, and also include  slant loaded partitions. We had one in which the partitions will swing open against the wall, or were easily removed if you wanted a totally open area. On ours, even the front bulkhead for the DR was moveable or removable, if you wanted the entire interior space free.

Dexter Torsion axles? These are a very unusual thing in Australia (leaf springs used here). If any repairs or parts were needed I would have to have them specially imported. How often do Dexter Torsion axles need repair?

Dexter axles are pretty much a standard in the states. They have a proven record of reliability over many years. If you anticipate less than ideal road conditions, most manufacturers offer as a option, the installation of heavier axles. This would further enhance the reliability and lessen the chances of damage on poor roads.

The bumper hitch is split on the Titan Challenger Stock Trailer. The usual ball hitch in Australia is not split. I presume these split ball hitches work well? Do they need repair often?

We had a split coupling on our last trailer that never failed or gave any problems. It is actually easier to hook up, as you can be slightly off on the trailer/ball alignment and still be able to pull things into place using the coupling.

Titan Challenger Stock Trailers: Any opinions or information is welcome – good or bad.

If you do a search on Titan, you will see that many people own and enjoy this brand of trailer

How long do the softwood floors last on these trailers? If I had to replace the floors I would have to use eucalyptus hardwood or ply. Can this be done on a Titan

A lot depends on the weather and how well the floor is cleaned after use. Our trailer was almost 15 years old when we sold it, and the flooring was like new. With care, you could conceivably get 25 years or so. Most wood flooring can be replaced as needed. Installing rubber mats over the wood flooring will greatly enhance its longevity.

Challenger Ramps are the usual way to get horses in and out of trailers in Australia. How do horses cope with stepping up into a trailer with no ramp?

Most trailers are low enough in the back for a horse to easily step inside without difficulty. There are two factions of owners, some like ramps, some don't. We've had both and now prefer the step up. Without a ramp, the optional mounted rubber bumper is welcomed.

A stock combo will satisfy both your needs for a 3 stall slant load horse trailer, and an open bulk hauler. If anticipating rough roads, option the heavier axles, and the highest rating, non Chinese tires the manufacturer offers.



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