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Best LQ Horse Trailer?
 MrTruck, txdad, windy Last Activity 2016-07-31 12:15 AM
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Joined: 2009-03-30
Location: Abbotsford,BC

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Subject : Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 12:08 PM
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We were hoping to get some information on preferred brands of living quarter horse trailers. If there is someone out there that has owned and hauled specific brands. What are the pros and cons?


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Subject : RE: Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 1:43 PM
Post #113627 - In reply to #113620

canadacowgirl, Prefered brands will often have to do with what kind of user you are, professional rodeo or recreational trail rider. I have two LQ trailers, one a Featherlite (mid-range), and one an Elite (high end).  Pros and cons.  Elite: The Elite trailer is all aluminum with a sheet aluminm floor. Pro, The Elite contruction is heavy duty, as is easily noted just by looking at the windows and hinges. Elite is a professional class trailer, similar to 4 Star, C&C, Platinum or Bloomer.  Resale value on these trailers, especially in the PNW, will be good. Con, the purchase price will be higher.  There aren't many high end trailers in the PNW, which tends to drive the price even higher if you buy used locally, and makes it sometimes harder to find a trailer with the LQ amenities that you are looking for.  Most of the high end trailers are midwest custom LQ conversions.  Camper/trail rider people will often find that the LQ amenities are more suited to the rodeo/horse show folks than the camper folks. Featherlite: The Featherlite trailer is all aluminum with a sheet aluminm floor.Con, the Featherlite construction is not nearly as beefy as the Elite. However, for the recreational user, I believe the Featherlite is a plenty good enough trailer.  For a comparable trailer, I would say the Exiss Event. The factory LQ's are functional, but nothing to write home about. Pro, there are plenty of Featherlites in the PNW, especially Washington, so you can get a good deal for your money. Many of these Featherlites came from Don Johnson's and the JR custom interiors are awesome!  Others:When I was looking for a larger trailer, Silverlite and all aluminum Silverado, both made in Oregon, were on my short list.  In my opinion, they are not a mid range comparable to a Featherlite.  They are more high end.  The Elite just happened to come up right trailer, right time, right place.



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Location: Decatur, Texas

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Subject : RE: Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 2:16 PM
Post #113629 - In reply to #113620

In my opinion they all will have pros and cons and some are better than others, but the price will reflect this as well.

I have owned and used a 2000 Exiss SS413, cons for us: leaking mangers and better half ran over our goat with it. pros: ROOMY!

2004 Sooner SC414 with an 8'LQ, cons for us: LQ not set up real well, would have been great for 2 people only.  pros: loved everything else abuot it.

2004 Sundowner 8010 3 horse we own now.  pros: I bought it at 1/2 price so this made me look over any cons and has worked well for everything we do.  cons: would not have bought it new because of the $72-k dealer cost in 04, steel frame, but in Texas is really does not matter (no rust here)!

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Subject : RE: Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 2:24 PM
Post #113630 - In reply to #113620

One that fits your budget....Look at all of them inside and out over and over. After a while you'll be able to narrow down your search. Do you have any friends with LQ's? I went in a Featherlite, Elite, Sundowner, 4-Star, and a Sooner. My friends were very helpful in giving their pros and cons with their trailers. I have to admit, those 4-stars are nice. $$$$$

[Edited by Gone on 2009-11-25 2:31 PM]

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Joined: 2009-11-22
Location: TEXAS

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Subject : RE: Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 8:04 PM
Post #113639 - In reply to #113620

our next trailer is going to be a hart, we have been looking at alot of trailers lately, and thinking real hard about burnin the tax return on a new one with an outlaw conversion.  It helps when the conversion company is local too then you can go there and look at what they are working on.
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Joined: 2009-10-20

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Subject : RE: Best LQ Horse Trailer?
Posted : 2009-11-25 9:31 PM
Post #113643 - In reply to #113620

don't know what you're looking for but we have both a 4 star and an elite..
both are great trailers....
the four star has an outlaw conversation which is considered then industry leader.. their work is outstanding.. i have an 05 and its just like new..
the elite we have has a bunkhouse .. but there are 2 bunkhouse.. one in texas that you want to avoid,, the one in alabama, (like ours) do a really nice job...but it cost as much as an outlaw... enough said.
we're combining households and are selling one of these probably the elite just cause its smaller... thats the other thing.. the more room the better... the elite is 12 1/2 ft and the four star is 14.. that little makes a huge difference..
i've pulled trailers all my life (im 62)and both are great
let me know if you have any specific questons..
have a blessed thanksgiving
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