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Horse Trailer News
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General Discussion
Horse Trailer News
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Subject : HydraHorse
Posted : 2011-01-13 1:19 PM
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HydraHorse; Keep your Horse Hydrated, and Happy on the Road


Hauling horses in a trailer on our bumpy roads with cars constantly filling the gap in front of us so we don't have safe braking room, is stressful for our horses and us. And most of our horse trailers sound like a tin can in the horse compartment, a hot tin can in the summer. This trailer stress and a lack of water can be a recipe for colic or worse according to several vets around the country. Same goes for shipping fever with show cattle. 

How far could you go in summer without AC in your truck, without your bottle of water? Horse athletes need water, on demand water for faster recovery and ready for competition or the trail and when the trailer gate opens. Who knows how good the water is at truck stops and will it taste different from the well water your horse is use to? I grew up on a farm with hard water. I thought it was great. Moving to the city, I got used to chlorinated water. Horses are the same, they get used to their water taste and don't like change. I've had horses that wouldn't drink city water.  Now you can take your water with you.

Having water available to horses in the trailer can make a big difference in their performance and attitude.  Dehydration can cause horses to loose 2-5 lbs of body weight every hour they travel. I've had heat stroke and migraines in my youth related to not drinking enough water in the summer. Whether I was branding cattle or combining wheat in July, we didn't realize how important it was to keep drinking water. Now you see folks all over carrying water bottles. And water bottles can cost more than pop. Wouldn't have believed that 20 years ago. How much more water does your horse need than you?

Do you get tired of carrying buckets or searching for good water on the road? Abundant fresh water equals happy horses, ask any vet. You know it's easier and cheaper to prevent problems than try and fix them latter. Optional water meter will plug into individual bowls to measure how much a horse drinks.

Quick Attach brackets, make it easy to move water bowls from stall to outside wallHeavy duty stainless or powder coat brackets, spun aluminum bowls with splash back lipThirty gallon water tanks will fit most under manger storage, tack room or dressing room Push in fittings make plumbing the water lines easy, no wrenches required

Pex tubing hard line makes up most of the water lines connecting the water tank to the bowl quick couplerOutside bowl bracket and water quick coupler makes it fast moving the water bowls to the outside of your trailerRV style reinforced flex hosing attaches to the water bowls with quick couplers makes moving bowls outside easyHere is standard 30 gallon rectangular tank next to the space saver wedge tank we used on my trailer
The 30 gallon water reservoir comes pre-assembled with quick release fittings. Pump is mounted to tank, float switch shuts the pump off when the water is low, relay switch shuts pump off if voltage is low to protect the pump. On top of the tank is optional horse wash connection with shut off valve

At the All American Quarter Horse Congress, we demonstrated HydraHorse on my trailer every day for 3 weeks. One weekend day with all the other electric accessories on my trailer that we demonstrated at the same time constantly, tripped the relay from low voltage.

I just shut off the switch for 15 minutes to cool the relay and turned it back on and everything worked just like it designed to do.  50 gallon tank is optional as well as a space saver wedge tank, picture right.

Having pressurized water on the road makes life easier for cleaning wounds and washing your horse after a dusty trail ride and your dogs, trailers. On my trailer the horse wash ran to the rear of my tack room. Forty lbs. of water pressure like in a Living Quarters will even let you wash your trailer like mine at a horse expo near you. Using an optional outside bowl bracket and water quick coupler makes it fast moving the water bowls from stall to the outside of your trailer.

Trail riders, having extra quick attach brackets on the outside of your trailer can be a great rest and recovery station, roll out the awning and a shady recovery pit stop. Young horses can be nervous on trailer rides. Make it a good experience.

Picture left, water pump attached to the optional wedge tank. First picture right is the outside trailer wall extra bowl bracket and quick plug water coupler. Second picture shows some of the Pex tubing coming from the water tank to bowls and horse wash.   1-877-404-0489

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