Secure Server Information

Secure Communications

The Ad Submission Form and the Preliminary Credit Application form are delivered to your browser through a Secured Sockets Layer protocol which encrypts data transmissions in a 56 bit code. A Secure Certificate is required for this type of communication. We use a Certificate by Equifax Secure Global eBusiness. This is the standard method most often used for credit card payments, stock transactions, and on-line banking. SSL encryption can also slow response times. If you don't see a Key or Padlock in the lower right corner of the screen it's because you're in frames mode on this website. Security is still present for the form. See checking the Security Certificates below.  If you do see the security icon with your browser, double click on it for information.

Checking the Security Certificates

First, go back to the Ad Form or Credit Application form . From the page you're on right now you would press the Back button in your browser menu to get there.

Internet Explorer users - From the browser menu bar choose File/Properties/Certificates or right click and choose properties . If there is no certificate button, the text may say "Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Privacy" and give the following address The Https means that the server is communicating with the SSL protocol.

Netscape - Right click on the form and choose View Frame Info. The first line should read "Secure Sever Information" and give more details.

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