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Stock trailer help
 MrTruck, txdad, windy Last Activity 2016-07-29 11:30 PM
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New User

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Joined: 2006-03-22
Location: Windsor,CO

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Subject : Stock trailer help
Posted : 2006-03-22 10:50 AM
Post #39308

I am looking at buying my first aluminum stock trailer, I am looking for a 24' trailer nothing custom. I have looked at the usual suspects (Featherlite,Exiss,etc.) I have also looked at the punched side trailers, in particular Wilson and Merritt. Has anyone had any experience with the Wilson or Merritt? are the punch side trailers really better built than the others?
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Broken Bit

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Subject : RE: Stock trailer help
Posted : 2006-03-23 6:48 PM
Post #39406 - In reply to #39308

Howdy BobbyLee,

  Finally had a chance to check the ole' HTW.  I've looked into both styles of trailers.  We truck livestock and have goosenecks and Bull-Racks both.  I'm very familliar with both kinds of wagons.  In my opinion you don't really gain much with the punched panel sided trailers.  We don't have any. ours are all the slat side wagons.  Barrett has made our big cow trailers and we've used Barrett goosenecks also.  Having said that...I currently have a brand new GN being made, and I made a switch over to a Stidham trailer this time.  They are unbelievably well made and their side panels are interlocking with one another wich is a whole lot stronger than a regular "stacked side" trailer.  It depends on some options of corse, but some of the punched panel trailers can be quite dangerous if ya need to truck horses at some point, something to think about.  And sometimes harder to enclose for winter truckin' also, there again depending on some options that you can order.  I see that you are in CO., I'm sure you can relate to cold weather haulin'.  Any how that's my advice for what it's worth.  Feel free to ask about anything else here.  We're a pretty good group.  But I would look into a Stidham when the time comes to buy.

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