Great site sold my trailer in less than a week.

Thanks, your site really helped

The buyer came from the site We got a few other emails and a couple phone calls.We are glad we listed it with you. Thanks, and we tell others.

I sold it off of a free Facebook site. I had many more calls and emails from the Facebook site. Only a couple from this site. Maybe you should set up a Facebook site and put everything in there.

Our trailer did sell off your site. We had multiple emails and questions on the trailer directly from this site. Very happy with the results. I have also purchased several trailers off horse trailer world.

The Buyer did come from this site but reported difficulties in finding the AD and in using the contact details contained in the AD. We had three responses, all phone calls, and it was the first contact that proved to be the Buyer. I would use your service again.

Yes. Your site is great. I wish you would change load options to slant load, PC load or reverse load. Thanks.


This site sure delivered for us. Less than 48 hours from posting to sale! We had several inquiries, reinforcing the promise of exposure. We will use you again in the future. Thanks! Kevin, Delphos, KS

The trailer was sold in one day after listing on your site

Thanks for all your help your form was easy to use easy to get pictures loaded many hits and qualified buyers

Yes the buyer came from this site...I had 3 serious lookers from this ad

Thank you for letting me list my trailer on this site, it is really nice to have a place to sell trailers nationwide. I did receive some inquiries from this add however did not sell from this add. Thanks Donna

I sold the trailer through another source. Thanks, Mike

Yes we sold it through you guys, thank you!

I had not one response from your website ad for week. Within days of putting it on facebook I had multiple full cash offers.

I did not sell my trailer through your site. It sold through Facebook. I received appx 4 inquiries through your site re my trailer. Thank you. Diane

I had the trailer listed for about 90 days. I had only two calls on it. One was from an EBay seller that wanted to list it, the other was from the eventual buyer.

The ad for my horse trailer quickly got a lot of hits. Within 4 days I had people contact me who were very interested. On the 5th day 2 of these folks looked at the trailer and wanted to buy it. The trailer sold to the one who had wanted to come from out-of-town at 7 am in the morning, and so I promised them if they would come in the afternoon, they would have 1st chance to buy it. They bought it. I am very pleased at the exposure that the Ad provided. Thanks.

Yes he came from this site and I had atleast 5 callers. Only been on for about a month! Super pleased and love this website! Thanks

Yes the sale was from this site. Not a ton of interest but an out of state buyer.

buyer came from this site-only got a few calls and emails but the trailer sold quickly and for asking price

Your website is great. Yes the buyer come to me from your website. Over 400 hits in a 2 month period, received numerous calls. Very position experience. Will recommend your site to anyone looking to sell.

I have now bought two and sold two trailers on HTW. Best place to go for buyer and seller.

I got several email from this site but most lived too far away. I sold it on a local Craigslist website.

I sold my trailer within 48 hours from someone who saw my add on Craigslist.

Sale did come from this site after third renewal. Got less than 6 phone calls/emails over the 6 month period.

A little confusing to use, when trying to edit the ad. Obviously I realized I just go to add and somehow the website knows that its my ad. It should be easier though to edit my ads. This was a great website and I got a lot of traffic from listing it. I feel like i got my $25 worth.

No the buyer did not come from this site. Ended up trading it in. Only received 1 inquiry.

Hi, I sold it on a local swap site my daughter belongs to. I did get 3 emails about it and i did have one person come look at it and make an offer I turned down. She later called the day after it was sold. I did purchase a 2 horse Hawk trailer, however that was listed one your site. I think your site is a good place to look. Thanks

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